For us, technology is a fundamental tool for enhancing the merits of our grapes and ensuring their consistently excellent quality.

We only harvest at night so that the grapes arrive in the cellar at the coolest time of the day. They are then cold pressed, because avoiding changes in temperature is essential to keep their aromatic qualities intact.

Soft pressing, temperature-controlled fermentation, cold maceration on the skins and patient ageing in stainless steel: this is our method for obtaining whites that live up to our aspirations.

The secondary fermentation of sparkling wines takes place slowly in autoclaves using the Charmat Lungo method.


The red grapes undergo maceration without mechanical pumping – to avoid the extraction of green tannins – in large steel Metodo Ganimede fermenters. This system exploits the natural capacity of fermentation gas to obtain a gentle and effective extraction of the noble substances only. Ageing also takes place in stainless steel wine vats, and then continues in the bottle.

For wine clarification, we do not use substances of animal origin. We only use bentonite, a freeze-dried clay that binds to suspended particles, causing them to precipitate. 

We continuously test our wines in our in-house laboratory, checking the ripeness of the grapes, the progress of fermentation and ageing, and the chemical and physical parameters, to ensure the total safety of the final product.