The Èthos and Kalos wines are obtained from grapes grown from vines that are resistant to fungal diseases (downy mildew and powdery mildew) and less vulnerable to water stress and weather changes.

These grape varieties are the result of years of study and research based solely and exclusively on pollination between European and American vines. They have proven disease resistance characteristics and therefore do not require any treatment in the vineyard.

These wines are a product of our times. It is now clear that we will increasingly face these environmental problems, and at Forchir we believe that the right response is to adapt to these difficulties rather than fight them.

Thanks to these vines we are able to produce healthy, good grapes in a completely natural way. The effects on the environment are more than positive: as there is no longer any need to enter with the tractor, the vineyard becomes a healthy, green, flowering garden. Wildlife thrives undisturbed in these cultivations, and there are no CO 2 emissions from the use of agricultural machinery.

After a phase of research and experimentation, in 2019 we finally bottled Èthos, the first Italian wine made exclusively from resistant grape varieties. It is a white wine made from Fleurtai, Soreli, Kretos, Nepis and Rytos grapes. The first two are derived from Friulano and the other three from Sauvignon, testifying to the territorial identity of this product which is so innovative in its sustainability. On the other hand, 2020 was the debut year for Kalos, made with the Cabernet Eidos and Merlot Korus varieties derived from crosses between European (Cabernet and Merlot) and American vines.