In the heart of Friuli

Three estates, each with their own characteristics in terms of soil and microclimate, all in the central Friuli area, where wine is ancient civilisation and timeless passion.
Camino al Tagliamento

The ideal environment

140 hectares of gravelly Magredi terrain, a short distance from the Tagliamento River, one of the few rivers in Europe with its natural ecosystem intact. Here, surrounded by vineyards, is our wine cellar.
Barbeano di Spilimbergo

Between the mountains and the sea

100 hectares of limestone and stony terrain, dragged down into the valley by the Dolomites, in an area that benefits from the sub-Alpine climate, tempered in turn by the effects of the Adriatic Sea.

Our home vineyards

18 hectares of alluvial land next to the Stella river and a few kilometres from the sea. This is our small family estate, where in the late 19th century grapes were cultivated together with mulberry trees.