Grape variety:

Fleurtai, Soreli, Sauvignon Kretos, Sauvignon Nepis and Sauvignon Rytos in varying percentages depending on the vintage.

Production area:

Friuli Venezia Giulia

Soil type:

Alluvial, stony

Expected harvest time:

Second half of August

Alcohol by volume:

Approx 12,5%

Residual sugar:

Approx 4 g/l

Available formats:

0.75 l

Recommended wine glass:

Standard medium-sized white wine glass

Serving temperature:

10° C


The fresh grapes of our 5 resistant varieties are harvested at approximately the same time because they reach a perfect ripening balance almost simultaneously. Upon arrival at the winery they are moved from the receiving hopper to the vacuum presses where they are gently pressed at a negative pressure of -2 BAR with oxygen reduction (to prevent oxidation and uncontrolled fermentation, avoiding the need to add chemicals). After racking and the simultaneous separation of the skins, the resulting flower must is conveyed into steel wine vats where yeast is added for alcoholic fermentation at a low, controlled temperature of about 10°C for approximately 10 days in order to better preserve its aromatic qualities. This is followed by a second racking to eliminate the coarser particles, a period of refinement on the noble lees, and cold decantation so that the lees fall to the bottom of the wine vessel. Finally, after a resting period, bottling can take place.

Tasting notes:

A blend of no less than five varieties of resistant Piwi grapes, this is a futuristic still white with an international flavour. This very elegant still white reveals itself in the glass in a lovely bright straw yellow. The nose gives a heady and truly varied bouquet of white flowers, then fruity notes of ripe apple, pear and white peach, and a hint of freshly cut grass on the finish. A fine, fairly long, savoury and surprisingly fresh sip concludes the tasting. We recommend Forchir’s Ethos with various vegan dishes. Try it, for example, with fried chickpea falafel and avocado mayonnaise. Alternatively, it is the perfect companion for fish tartare or gently steamed shellfish.

July 2023 Edition.