Grape variety:

Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso

Production area:

Friuli Venezia Giulia

Soil type:

Clayey, iron-rich

Expected harvest time:

Late September, early October

Alcohol by volume:

Approx 12%

Residual sugar:

Approx 3.5 g/l

Available formats:

0.75 l Bordeaux bottle

Recommended wine glass:

Standard medium - to large-sized red wine glass

Serving temperature:

18° C


After harvesting towards the beginning of autumn, the grapes undergo fermentation and at the same time maceration on the skins in Ganimede fermenters, for about two weeks depending on the vintage. After about three hours in the presses for soft pressing, the skins are separated from the must, which is then transferred to the wine vats for initial ageing lasting several months. Malolactic fermentation also takes place during these months, followed by micro-oxygenation to stabilise the colour of the wine. After a further period of rest, bottling can finally take place: in the absence of oxygen to avoid oxidation, with a natural cork stopper. A further period of ageing and resting of the wine will then take place in the bottle, in our cellar, at controlled temperature and lighting.

Tasting notes:

A true great Friulian wine, its name derives from the particular red colour of the peduncle. It belongs to the large family of Refosco wines and has been present in our area since Roman times, as evidenced by findings from that period in the various archaeological sites scattered throughout our territory. This grape tends to produce austere, acidic wines, so the ease of cultivation in the field is offset by the skill required of the winemaker in the cellar. Intense ruby red in colour, it is consistent when swirling in the glass. Aromas of red fruits such as morello cherry, blackberry and currant open the bouquet, which gives way to very typical herbaceous notes. Despite the ageing, a pleasant and characteristic vinous note remains. Warm and full-bodied, soft tannins and a very slight bitterness persist on the long finish.

July 2023 Edition.