Grape variety:

Moscato Rosa

Production area:

Friuli Venezia Giulia

Soil type:

Alluvial, stony

Expected harvest time:

From August

Alcohol by volume:

Approx 8%

Residual sugar:

Approx 85 g/l

Available formats:

0.75l Champagne bottle

Recommended wine glass:

Medium, tapered sparkling wine glass

Serving temperature:

8° C


Upon arrival in the cellar, the fresh Moscato Rosa grapes are moved from the receiving hopper to the vacuum presses where they undergo soft pressing at a negative pressure of -2 BAR with oxygen reduction (to prevent oxidation and uncontrolled fermentation, avoiding the need to add chemicals). After racking and the simultaneous separation of the skins, the resulting flower must is conveyed into autoclaves where yeast is added to start refermentation, which we stop before it is fully developed so that a good amount of natural residual sugar and incredibly fruity aromas remain. Separation of the suspended particles takes place by means of cold decantation. When we decide the wine is ready, it is bottled under isobaric conditions to avoid pressure loss.

Tasting notes:

A pink grape variety cultivated mainly in the Triveneto region, it is part of the family of Moscato wines, so called because of the unmistakable musky given off by the ripe grapes. A very delicate grape, without the necessary care it encounters various cultivation problems that result in very low or, in some years, non-existent yields. The colour of our Moscato is powdery pink; the bubbles are expressed in a fine, persistent foam. The aromas open with musky notes and then clouds of sweet red fruit (strawberries, morello cherries, raspberries) ending with velvety fuchsia rose. This wine’s indulgent, soft and enveloping sip makes it ideal paired with desserts featuring dry pastries and jams such as shortbread and tarts. It is also excellent on its own.

July 2023 Edition.