Grape variety:


Production area:

Friuli Venezia Giulia

Soil type:

Alluvial, stony

Expected harvest time:

After mid-August

Alcohol by volume:

Approx 11%

Residual sugar:

Approx 14 g/l

Available formats:

0.75 l

Recommended wine glass:

Medium, tapered sparkling wine glass

Serving temperature:

8° C


The Glera grapes are harvested just before full ripeness to obtain a sparkling wine base with great freshness and fruit. Upon arrival at the winery they are moved from the receiving hopper to the vacuum presses where they are gently pressed at a negative pressure of -0.2 BAR with oxygen reduction (to prevent oxidation and uncontrolled fermentation, avoiding the need to add chemicals). After racking and the simultaneous separation of the skins, the resulting flower must is conveyed into steel wine vats where yeast is added for initial fermentation to obtain the so-called base wine. After a very short ageing it is moved to the autoclaves: here the yeasts and sugars are added that will start the second fermentation, or refermentation, after which the resulting sparkling wine is left on its noble lees for a minimum of 30 days in order to further refine its aromatic component. Separation of the suspended particles takes place by means of cold decantation. When we decide the wine is ready, it is bottled under isobaric conditions to avoid pressure loss.

Tasting notes:

Historically widespread throughout the north-eastern provinces of our country, the Glera grape variety gives us what has become the most famous Italian wine in the world: Prosecco! Its extraordinary acceptance is undoubtedly due to its pleasantness, which appeals to young and also more experienced palates. Pale straw yellow with a lively froth, the nose is dominated by fruity aromas of pear, Golden Delicious apple and white peach, with hints of wisteria, acacia and sage completing the aromatic profile. It is fresh and savoury on the palate, with soft sensations thanks to the subdued residual sugar. As an aperitif par excellence and also on its own, Prosecco DOC Joy di Forchir is an extra dry wine that can easily accompany many different appetisers, from the most classic cold canapés with mayonnaise, to legume creams such as hummus on raw vegetables cut into large chunks, creamy cheeses and the most delicate sliced meats (try the Trieste-inspired baked ham in bread crust!). It is also a wonderful accompaniment to shellfish and molluscs.

July 2023 Edition.