Grape variety:

Glera e Pinot Nero

Production area:

Friuli Venezia Giulia

Soil type:

Alluvial, stony

Expected harvest time:

Between the end of August and the beginning of September

Alcohol by volume:

Approx 11%

Residual sugar:

Approx 12 g/l

Available formats:

0.75 l

Recommended wine glass:

Medium, tapered sparkling wine glass

Serving temperature:

8° C


Joy Rosé is a cuvée obtained from our best Glera grapes (approximately 85%), harvested and vinified to obtain the Prosecco sparkling wine base, and fine Pinot Noir grapes (15%), harvested early to reduce their tannicity and vinified in contact with the skins for a few days to extract a light colour and delicate aromas. The blending of the two base wines takes place in the autoclave: here the yeasts and sugars are added that will start the second fermentation, or refermentation, after which the resulting sparkling wine is left on its noble lees for a minimum of 30 days in order to further refine its aromatic component. Separation of the suspended particles takes place by means of cold decantation. When we decide the wine is ready, it is bottled under isobaric conditions to avoid pressure loss.

Tasting notes:

The Pinot Noir contributes its identity without distorting the delicate Glera. It pleases the eye with its quartz pink with salmon hues; it is bright, pearly, Provence-inspired. Fine carbonic chains enliven the glass. It gives the nose floral sensations of jasmine, elderflower and rose buds; the characteristic pear, with its fragrant peel, meets with a delicately pressed pomegranate juice. The palate is teased by the continuous and consistent perlage; it then encounters fresh, slightly savoury sensations, always making this wine easy to drink. Thanks to its characteristics Forchir’s Prosecco Rosé Joy Brut, is clearly an aperitif par excellence. It pairs easily with light appetisers, seafood risottos, Mediterranean-style summer pastas and fragrant soups (even cold!).

July 2023 Edition.